Who We Are

Founded in October 2016, The Pathfinder Youth Networks is a fully registered youth development organization with a vision to raise a generation of godly and purpose-driven youths who will become positive change agents within Nigeria and the world at large.

We remain committed to transforming the Nigerian society by empowering her youths in both rural and urban communities with leadership capabilities and hands-on training centered around Purpose Discovery, Personal and Leadership Development, Career & Entrepreneurship initiatives, and HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment).

This is achieved by collaborating with communities, religious bodies, government institutions, the private sector, well-meaning individuals, volunteers, civil society organizations, and other progressive agencies and institutions towards building a resourceful and sustainable network geared towards social transformation.

Our Vision

To raise purpose-driven youths for maximum impact in the global community.

Our Mission

  • To re-orientate and revive excellent standards among the Nigerian youth.
  • To create platforms where the Nigerian youth will easily access opportunities to discover, develop and maximize talents and potentials.
  • To invest in, and promote a culture of health and safety for all, especially among the youth.
  • To eradicate poverty, reduce inequality, and promote economic independence for Nigerian youth by encouraging and building homegrown business initiatives across career and entrepreneurial fields especially in the core areas of agriculture, education and technology.
  • To inspire the Nigerian youth to rise to leadership positions with a view to demonstrating righteousness and exemplary leadership.

Our Core Values







Selfless Service